Website History is an update to a website formerly known as "4th Dimension Studios."

The old website was initially created and being managed by me from 2007-early 2011 before being moved here.


The link to the old page is available for your reference:

It's perfectly normal if you were redirected directly here when accessing that page.

To date, it's used only as a secondary storage source for this website.




Q. Is Dudaw the only person who manages this website?

A. Yes. It would be a little too hectic having multiple owners on this site.


Q. Do you collect any kind of information about me when I visit your site?

A. Not at all. There may be an invisible hit counter on this site, but at the most, the only thing these services can do is provide me with the IP addresses and visit times of the visitors.


Q. Why don't you answer my questions?

A. Be sure you're asking relevant questions in relevant places. I.E., in-depth questions requiring me to send any kind of resources will need to be asked via the links on the CONTACT page.


Q. Where can I find some of your older files such as the SM64 Beta Replica?

A. You'll be able to find such material in Miscellaneous or PERSONAL GARBAGE DEPOSIT.