[Gamecube] Interractive Multi Game Disk June 2002 For Japan

This is a rare 6-game demo disk for the Gamecube from June 1, 2002.
Featured games:
- Super Mario Sunshine (video preview)
- Beach Spikers (interactive demo + video preview)
- Disney Sports Soccer (interactive demo + video preview)
- Jikkyo Powerful Pro Baseball 9 (video preview)
- Mutsu to no Hohon (video preview)
- Shinki Sekai Evolutia (video preview)
(Notice the differences between these beta/proto versions and the retail releases!)

The main menu also features a preview showing other games (Starfox, Metroid, Eternal Darkness, Mario Party 4, etc) as well as a "news" section.
Unfortunately this disc was only tested on a US machine so the text shows up garbled in the video.

I ripped an ISO with CleanRip but have had no success getting it to work on Dolphin or DIOS MIOS.
You can contact me if you want the ISO file for testing.