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Mother 3/Earthbound 64 (Unreleased)


A collection of footage and images of Earthbound 64, the canceled sequel to Earthbound.


Short Video Clip


This video contains beta footage of all of the following games
(with Earthbound 64 footage at 0:34):

- Jet Force Gemini
- Bomberman Hero
- Madden NFL 99
- Mario RPG (Paper Mario)
- Chopper Attack
- Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
- Mission: Impossible
- Turok 2
- Wipeout 64
- NFL Blitz
- Earthbound 64
- Tonic Trouble
- Body Harvest
- Perfect Dark

Based on this small amount of Earthbound footage, it seems Flint and the NPCs had slightly glitchy movement,
and the Kraken scene doesn't look as "natural" as we would have hoped for.
This may have been an early version of the Spaceworld demo, just shortly after the transition from disk to cartridge.


Nintendo 64 E3 '98 USA Trailer (AVI Container Type)
File Size: 13.4 Mb
Video Length: 0 min. 52 sec.



Youtube Video from Monokoma of Unseen64

Some Instruments from the DCMC Theme Song
Source: Series 6000 Sound Effects Library

Many N64 songs were inspired by and created using stock sound effects. Games such as Mario 64, Zelda, and Paper Mario have used sound effects from this same library.

Instruments from the DCMC Theme Song
34 - guitar pick slide. music.mp3
File Size: 8.9 Kb
Track length: 0:45

Some more audio and video is alos available at



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